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Tenax Fence Ties

subcategory-accessories-system-tiesTenax Fence Ties secure fencing or netting structure in place. They are used to attach fence to posts for a tight secure installation. The Fence Ties are so versatile, use them wherever traditional wire or paper ties are used.


subcategory-accessories-pro-seederTenax Pro-Seeder is a unique tool that allows the individual sowing of seeds of all shapes and sizes, one at a time. It eliminates seed wastage and thinning-out.

Moisture Meter

subcategory-accessories-pro-seederTenax's moisture meter is the best way to check your soil and make sure it's perfect for your plants.

pH Meter

subcategory-accessories-pro-seederThis pH meter is perfect for checking your soil and making sure it's correctly balanced for whatever you intended to plant.

Window Thermometer

subcategory-accessories-pro-seederSet up wherever you're growing your plants as a way to check the temperature quickly and easily.

Mini Humidity Meter

subcategory-accessories-pro-seederMake sure your plant's growing environment is humid enough with this easy to install Mini Humidity Meter.