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Geosintetici Tenax per gallerie
Geocompositi Tenax per il drenaggio in galleria

Tunnels and Mines

Drainage and protection for performance and security

During mining excavation, some material can fall from vaults. Therefore, systems for worker protection need to be in place. The Tenax FR 270 geogrid is specifically designed to keep the falling material to ensure people security. A specific additive is added during the extrusion process to delay the spread of fire in mines.

The Tenax TENSEAL structured membrane or the Tenax MDP cuspated membrane can be used for the interception and drainage of water inflows. Thanks to their structure, they guarantee high hydraulic performance and provide protection to waterproofing systems. The Tenax TDP drainage geocomposite, made up of a laminated cuspated geonet with one or two geotextiles, provides complete drainage even under high loads.

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