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Erosion control

Light weight netting for erosion control blankets


TENAX bi-oriented (or stretched) polypropylene nettings show outperforming features on lightness and mechanical resistance.

They can be easily coupled with natural or wooden fibers to realize erosion control blankets for embarkments or slopes.


Bi-oriented nets are produced with weights and meshes suitable for any application.


• Dimensional stability and regularity
• High mechanical resistance
Flexibility and reinforcing
Tear resistant
Recyclable and incinerable material
Light weight
Low Thickness


Raw material

hPP – Homopolymer polypropylene

  • Specific weight: 0.9-0.915 g/cm3 (56.19-57.12 lb/ft3)
  • Melting temperature: 162-168°C (323.6-334.4°F)
  • Tensile strength: 34-37 MPa
  • Young’s modulus: 1200-2000 Pa
  • Yield elongation: 5-10%
  • Break elongation: 500-700%
  • Working temperature: +0°C – +90°C (32°F – 194°F)
  • Max working temperature (short period): +100°C (212°F)


Light material, resistant to chemical substances (as salts, acids and strong alkalis) and with a high mechanical strength. It is used for bi-oriented (stretched) products. Suitable for direct food contact.

Product Development Center

Product Development Center

Customized solutions, developed by Tenax for specific customer needs.