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The Group and the Mission


“TENAX specialises in high-end plastics and services that create customer and corporate value”

This is why the concept of continuous improvement in customers’ satisfaction represents the philosophy behind our work


TENAX has in its DNA, market leadership in its 5 markets of reference:

Garden and DIY — Construction — Agriculture — Geosynthetics — Industry

Garden and DIY

Our vision for the coming years is of profitable growth for stakeholders in terms of sales volumes and revenues. The expansion and seizure of emerging markets is one of the main drivers of this growth. These are the steps we will follow on our path to success:

  • Be the first choice in the market for current and potential customers
  • Pursue a culture of continuous improvement in all areas (technology, product, service)
  • Constantly develop a sense of belonging and pride of being “TENAX people”





Established in Italy in 1960 as a company that specializes in thermoplastic polymer extrusion, TENAX has enjoyed a steady production growth and continued success in many markets. Its corporate and organizational growth has made TENAX an International Group with a turnover close to 70 million Euros, of which over 60% is achieved abroad.



Its detailed attention to development of markets has lead the TENAX Group to progressively extend its organisation, favouring the establishment of numerous specialised production and commercial units.

The executive headquarter was established in Viganò in the province of Lecco, with offices, warehouses and production plants in 6 unit facilities. After the establishment of the original italian headquarters were added production facilities in Baltimore (MD, USA), Evergreen (AL, USA) and offices in Lindau (Germany)

The overall size of the TENAX logistical and manufacturing organization exceeds 160,000 m² worldwide of which close to 85,000 m² are offices, production facilities and warehouses. This widespread presence enables TENAX to operate globally on all continents. Therefore, the TENAX Group can rightfully be defined as a GLOBAL SUPPLIER.


Established in Ohio in 1984
as a distribution center under the name of ATP (American Tenax Products), Tenax relocated to Jessup, Maryland in 1987 to open its first U.S. manufacturing facility. In 1993, the company expanded its operation and moved to our current location in East Baltimore.

Tenax gained world-wide fame with its first US-produced product-orange safety fence for building and construction sites-which quickly spawned imitators all over the world. Currently Tenax Corporation serves the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America with specialty products for netting and fencing, pipe protection, construction, agricultural, gardening and DIY applications.

Throughout the years of growth and expansion, as a Plastic Fence Manufacturer, Tenax Corporation has maintained our promise to be a pioneer in the Made in USA movement. Tenax uses only prime selected raw material and domestic suppliers in support of our business.

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