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Terre rinforzate rinverdite - Frana della Val Pola
Terre rinforzate rinverdite - Cile
Muro di sostegno a blocchi per rilevato stradale Sistema Tenax T-Block

Slopes and Embankments

Environmental engineering works for reinforcement and erosion control

Retaining walls, landslide stabilization, slope enlargement, slope protection are works increasingly performed with environmental engineering systems such as reinforced soil and erosion control mats, that are safe, durable and pleasant to the eye. The advantages are countless: in addition to being cost-effective solutions in comparison with the traditional ones, they can be easily and quickly implemented, without skilled personnel or specialized machinery, and in many cases the soil on site can be used.

Retaining structures

The Tenax RIVEL system is used for reinforced soil structures with green face which can be the right solution in different situations, e.g. when building a retaining wall or an embankment, securing or restoring slopes subject to landslides, enlarging a slope to increase the space available. Therefore, the Tenax Rivel system can be used both for residential and public works.

The Tenax T-BLOCK and Tenax PANEL systems are different because the face of Tenax T-BLOCK is made up of concrete blocks, while the Tenax PANEL is made up of precast panels. Both can be used when you want to maximise spaces with vertical solutions without the need of revegetation. These systems are versatile because the panels are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Terre rinforzate rinverdite Sistema Tenax Rivel

Slope protection

It is fundamental to protect slopes from weather events in order to avoid slope run-off and allow their revegetation; indeed, without an appropriate protection, holes and ruts can develop and cause more serious problems. The Tenax MULTIMAT geomat and the Tenax TENWEB geocells are proven and reliable solutions to prevent erosion phenomena. They are easy and quick to install and ensure long-lasting results.

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Technical Competence Center

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