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Griffin Plus Safety Fence

GriffinPlusApp_webGriffin Plus Safety Fence is the newest addition to the Tenax Construction and Ground Protections line.more

Guardian Barrier

subcategory-construction-guardian2-visual-barrierTenax Guardian is a lightweight visual barrier suited for use around utility work, construction sites, or in crowd-control applications. Tenax Guardian is a highly noticeable warning barrier with oval mesh openings. Tenax Guardian safety fence is UV stabilized and economic. Tenax Guardian is Tenax’s most popular and best-selling warning barrier and is also available in green and fluorescent.more

Beacon Plus Safety Fence

subcategory-construction-beacon-plus-safety-fenceTenax Beacon Plus is designed for protection around construction sites or for use as a property delineator. Tenax Beacon Plus is a bright; UV stabilized orange color ensuring visibility, while its unique manufacturing process guarantees strength and durability.more

Kryptonight Max Visibility Barrier

subcategory-construction-kryptonightTenax Kryptonight is manufactured in a UV stabilized, fluorescent yellow-green color, and is ideal for areas where high visibility is needed. Tenax Kryptonight also complements fluorescent stop signs, vests, and cones, which are now used in most municipalities. Tenax Kryptonight High Visibility is so visual that it can be seen by most color blind people. Tenax Kryponight is so unique it was awarded a patent.more

Sentry Safety Fence

subcategory-construction-sentry-safety-fenceTenax Sentry fences are safe, durable, and attractive safety fences. Their consistent diamond mesh ensures aesthetic appeal, while the smooth top and bottom borders make the fence less likely to cut and scrape adjacent materials during installation and removal. Tenax Sentry HD (Heavy Duty) is a stronger version of Tenax Sentry Secura, and Tenax Sentry is a more economical alternative to Tenax Sentry Secura.more