Global Advances of Tenax

  • history-collage
  • 1960

    “Tenax Introduces the First Modern Extrusion Head Technologies…”

    Tenax gained global recognition through disruptive innovations in extruded products. These new extrusion head technologies allowed for new increased mesh sizes of superior structural resistance and product versatility. This allowed increases in netting dimensions from a mere 2 inches up to an impressive and previously unattainable 20 inches.

  • 1962

    “Tenax Becomes the Pioneer in Extruding Tubular Netting from Polypropylene Resin…”

    This manufacturing advancement transformed Tenax into a globally-recognized producer of products for markets worldwide. These new Tenax technologies quickly became indispensable in the packaging of meat products that became commonplace throughout Europe and much of the world.

  • 1968

    “Tenax Introduces Bi-Orientated Netting into Green Growers Industry…”

    The introduction of the ever popular Hortonova Trellis Net dramatically revolutionized and enhanced production for growers in almost every known green industry. This new resource for growers was a welcomed replacement for the tedious and unforgiving metal structures and supporting frames.

  • 1973

    “Tenax Launches C-Flex/Cinto-Flex Bi-Oriented Netting …”

    Unique and proprietary longitudinal and transversal stretching technology significantly increased the resistance, strength and reliability of extruded nettings. This launched a series of product lines with performance comparable to metal barrier fencing, creating a paradigm shift in consumer and industrial demand for a more economical and sustainable product over metal alternatives.

  • 1980

    “Tenax is the First to Market with Orange Safety Fencing to the Construction Industry…”

    Orange safety fencing is a true hallmark of the Tenax Group and it has become a mainstay in most construction sites world wide. When you see orange safety fence, you see the realization of Tenax’s footprint on global innovation and the advancement of safety in the construction industry in every industrialized country on Earth.

  • 1985

    “Tenax Introduces the Patented Integral Geo-Grids…”

    Tenax overcame the many limitations of traditional welded, woven and punched grids though its patented and innovative technology of integral geogrids. This allowed for another disruptive product innovation with global reach and which remains the product of choice in this industry.

  • 1989

    “Tenax Created a New Standard in Geonets for Drainage…”

    Tenax pioneers the development of the drainage geonets with a width of up to 4 meters – doubling the width available on the market at that time. These products became true reference standards in North America.

  • 1990’s

    “Tenax Presents new Civil Engineering Products…”

    Tenax invested its vast resources and expertise into research aimed specifically to create new products in the civil engineering and geotechnical fields. These new products resolved specific ecological and environmental issues that global markets demanded.
    A clear example of such a solution is Tendrain, a versatile product for drainage in controlled waste sites. This internationally acclaimed and patented technology consists of a three-dimensional structure with a drainage capacity ten times higher than any other net on the market.

  • 2002

    “Tenax Expands Manufacturing Capabilities in the United States…”

    Tenax Corporation acquires a new manufacturing and distribution facility in Evergreen Alabama. Committed to expanding its Made in the USA commitment, Tenax shows its support firsthand by creating manufacturing jobs in the US as a Plastic Fence Manufacturer.

  • Moving Forward

    “Tenax Directs Its Technological Know How to Serve a More Customer-Oriented Market Strategy.”

    No longer just plastics, but customer-focused solutions that exceed expectations is the new driving force at Tenax. Tenax will be using its vast experience and flexible manufacturing capabilities to serve the needs of an increasingly specialized customer base. Tenax will focus on adding new resources and partnerships to enhance and extend our core product lines to bring lasting value to our customers.