DIY, Pet & Garden

Boundary Products

Tenax Boundary products can be used for countless DIY solutions such as safe play areas, a garden border or a plant trellis, an animal barrier or as added protection on railings and decks.

Tenax Boundary products are available in multiple product colors and combine your practical needs to an elegant solution for your home.

Deck & Rail Fence

subcategory-DIY-deck-and-railTenax Deck & Railing Fence is a colorful boundary protection able to create an aesthetic and uniform look to your space. Tenax Deck & Railing Fence is generally used in combination with a railing, a balcony, a terrace, or a split rail fence.more

Garden Fence

subcategory-DIY-garden-fenceTenax Garden Fence is the easy to install border fence. Tenax Garden Fence is perfect to shape and form around your vegetable garden, flower bed, tree seedlings, or pond. Flowering vines and vegetables will climb the colorful mesh allowing for a uniform and natural look to any landscape. Tenax Garden Fence sturdy mesh is also the practical solution for a safe play area for your family and for your pets.more

Hardware Net

subcategory-DIY-hardware-netTenax Hardware net is Tenax’s answer to the rigid, hard to use and rusty metal hardware net.  Tenax Hardware Net’s durability, and long lasting performance together with its flexibility and easy to handle use make this product equally loved  by all users.

Tenax Hardware net can be used as a tree guard or as a barrier from rabbits and chewing rodents it is the perfect and safer replacement for metal mesh.

Tenax Hardware net is also ideal to place over gutters for debris control or to create animal cages.more


subcategory-DIY-contoflexTenax Cintoflex fences are ideal for creating temporary or permanent containment fencing areas at almost any site.
Offered in a variety of mesh sizes, these fences have a multitude of uses, guaranteeing optimal visibility and allowing good airflow.

This specially stretched, wide meshed fencing mimics the texture of cloth or welded wire, with knots at four corners of the squares. These mesh sizes are perfect to protect the perimeter of any property or construction site and to prevent and control of debris spread.more