DIY, Pet & Garden

Tenax DIY Pet & Garden Product lines offer a wide range of solutions exceeding expectations in homes and gardens everywhere. Find solutions such as barrier protection, plant trellis support, wildlife containment & exclusion, privacy screening, and many helpful accessories.

Plastic has changed our lifestyle and the world around us through its versatility and practicality. Tenax DIY Pet and Garden products require no maintenance and facilitate throughout the daily lives of people around the globe. Our new technologies have created inexpensive and earth friendly alternatives to metal fencing.

The polymers used by Tenax are 100% recyclable and reusable countless times. Tenax products are made of selected quality raw materials and additives to guarantee long lasting performance. They do not contain heavy metals and are non-toxic for the safety of workers, consumers and the environment.



Tenax offers practical boundary solutions that are safe, colorful and user friendly. Creating boundaries around homes and gardens is easy and cost effective with Tenax DIY Pet and Garden products.

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Screening & Shading

Tenax offers a variety of stylish fences and screens for increased shade and privacy.

Plant Support & Lawns

Plant Support & Lawns

Tenax Plant support and lawn products provide solutions for growing, harvesting, erosion and seed starting. These light weight products hold the highest quality and reputation in the growing community.



Tenax system ties, also known as cable ties or zip ties, are ideal for attaching plastic fences to posts, balconies, or deck railings. They are also great for tying up plants and securing trellis netting to support wires or string.

Pet & Wildlife

Tenax Pet & Wildlife products provide solutions for both animal protection/defense and containment. The Tenax product line is the most broad, quality and long lasting solution whether you are building an animal cage, dog run, or protecting your property from small and large animals.