Snow Guard Fence

subcategory-construction-snow-guardAvailable in green, yellow, and orange, our most economical snow fence, Tenax Snow Guard, has been used effectively in various commercial and residential applications and settings.

Parking lots, airports, and industrial facilities have all benefitted from Tenax Snow Guard's efficient snow-control design.more

Safety Snow Fence

subcategory-construction-safety-snow-fenceTenax Safety Snow Fence is a UV stabilized fence with oval mesh openings that is designed to slow wind and create drifts for snow storage so that they will not interfere with roadways, driveways, or runways.

Tenax Safety Snow Fence’s strong HDPE plastic resists wind damage and remains flexible in freezing temperatures.more

Alpi Pro Snow Fence

subcategory-construction-alpi-proTenax Alpi’s high tensile strength makes it ideal for use against deep snow and high winds. Construction supervisors and homeowners alike count on Tenax Alpi Pro snow fence is for protection against the impact of severe weather.more

Nordic Plus II Snow Fence

subcategory-construction-nordic-plusTenax Nordic Plus II is the heaviest snow fence Tenax manufactures and is ideal as a warm-weather safety fence or in situations where a single fence is needed for both snow control and safety It is also efficient as a windbreak or sand barrier.more