Construction & Ground Protections

Tenax Construction Product lines are the foundation of Tenax as the pioneer company in safety fence manufacturing. Tenax construction products are known world wide for providing safety and snow fence, warning barriers, screens, erosion control and ground protections for both professional and home use.

Plastic has changed our lifestyle and the world around us through its versatility and practicality. Tenax Construction products require no maintenance and facilitate throughout the daily lives of people around the globe. Our new technologies have created inexpensive and earth friendly alternatives to metal fencing.

The polymers used by Tenax are 100% recyclable and reusable countless times. Tenax products are made of selected quality raw materials and additives to guarantee long lasting performance. They do not contain heavy metals and are non-toxic for the safety of workers, consumers and the environment.


Safety Fence & Warning Barriers

Providing an alternative to traditional metal construction materials, Tenax's plastic construction solutions are easy to handle. Safety Fence is designed for protection around construction sites and manholes or for use as a property delineator. Tenax Also provides highly visible modular barrier fencing systems for road works, crowd control, identifying obstacles, and dangerous areas.


Snow Fence

Tenax Snow Fences are a must for winter safety. Safety starts with keeping snow cleared, and that’s where Tenax Snow Fences stand out. By cutting wind speed, it reduces snow drift and lessens the need for plowing. Work sites and roads stay cleaner and safer!

Privacy & Wind Screening, Wind & Vent Guard

Tenax Privacy Screens and Wind Screens are ideal when privacy and wind protection are needed for construction sites, storage areas, parks, or highways.


Erosion Control

Erosion control on work sites and in finished projects is more than just important, it is essential. It is often a city, state, and federal requirement.

Ground Protections

Tenax Ground Protections are very strong and ideal for temporary car parking during events, concerts, and exhibitions. Once installed and the grass grows through, the finished effect is a natural green environment with a stabilized surface.  Use Tenax Ground Protection for heavy machinery, livestock and other applications to preserve lawns.



Tenax Construction Accessories are used to protect from unwanted injuries on construction sites that have exposed rebar.  Other accessories include ties to secure your fencing to posts, rebar cap and pro-seeders.