Tenax Group

Every day, all over the world, millions of individuals in hundreds of fields rely on the innovative products and services from Tenax.

But who is the Tenax Group?

Established in Italy in 1960, Tenax was one of the first to develop the unique process of extruding and forming thermoplastic polymers. Ever since, Tenax has been a rising star through sustained growth and advances in engineering efficiency. Tenax’s mastery of manufacturing capabilities now places the Tenax Group and its subsidiaries as a true international leader with production facilities, technical services, distribution centers and sales departments in more than 50 countries across five continents.

The Agility of the Tenax Group in New and Emerging Markets

The Tenax Group’s footprints in emerging markets now span the Middle East, South East Asia, Central and South America , where we recognize significant growth opportunities. Tenax’ corporate diversity and unique intercultural skills allows it to navigate the challenges of these markets and support our customers on a worldwide basis.

Our range of products and their related uses is extensive. Our extruded technologies not only provide products for industry and civil engineering, but also provide products that support agriculture, aquaculture, sports, and home and garden. The Tenax Group’s fencing and nets are used all over the world for both work and play.

The Tenax Group continues to search for new ways to bring value to all of our customers, from commercial to consumer, in every corner of the world.

Knowledge and dynamism makes Tenax a solid choice for flexible solutions.

Commitment to Quality

The Tenax Group’s commitment to quality shows in our superior product line, and it all starts with our selection of raw materials. Tenax is a leading Plastic Fence Manufacturer, so we only use 100% specially-selected raw materials. This means our resins are clean and unaltered. This ensures that our products provide the longevity, appearance and versatility our customers have come to expect from the Tenax brand. Our products are also treated for UV resistance, allowing for longer-term use and performance in the field. Our discriminating process for selecting raw materials places the Tenax Group in the forefront of quality in the industry.

One of the key characteristics that make Tenax different is our holistic capability to develop new products from design through production. This allows the group to respond extremely quickly to the specific requests of customers, and greatly reduce the amount of time needed to bring new products to market.

About Tenax Corporation

Established in Ohio in 1984 as a distribution center under the name of ATP (American Tenax Products), Tenax relocated to Jessup, Maryland in 1987 to open its first U.S. manufacturing facility. In 1993, the company expanded its operation and moved to our current location in East Baltimore.

Tenax gained world-wide fame with its first US-produced product-orange safety fence for building and construction sites-which quickly spawned imitators all over the world. Currently Tenax Corporation serves the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America with specialty products for netting and fencing, pipe protection, construction, agricultural, gardening and DIY applications.

Throughout the years of growth and expansion, as a Plastic Fence Manufacturer, Tenax Corporation has maintained our promise to be a pioneer in the Made in USA movement. Tenax uses only prime selected raw material and domestic suppliers in support of our business.