LBO Polypropylene (PP) Biaxial Geogrids

grid and stone croppedPOLYPROPYLENE (PP) biaxial geogrids offer improved roadway solutions based on time tested design principles. Biaxial geogrids add strength and stability to the soil layers via confinement of the soil particles. Whether paved or unpaved, biaxial geogrids provide two unique yet related functions of Soil Stabilization and Base Reinforcement. 

Tenax Corporation manufactures the broadest range of biaxial grogrids manufactured in the United States. These Biaxial geogrids produced and distributed by Tenax are branded under the name "LBO" and are manufactured in Evergreen, Alabama.

Our manufacturing facility in Alabama produces more traditional products, link industry standards, Type 1 and Type 2, as well as large aperture and geogrids with balanced tensile properties. By manufacturing in the United States, we have the flexibility to produce custom products to meet project requirements. We also offer a wide range of widths, up to 16-feet, at the same cost to maximize loadability and to reduce overlap and waste.

When faced with soft soils, biaxial geogrids offer superior solutions to deep undercutting or chemical stabilization to greatly reduce the overall cost of construction.


Typical Applications for Biaxial Geogrids:

  • Paved highways, secondary roads, haul roads
  • Parking areas for commercial and industrial facilities
  • Airport runways and taxiways
  • Truck freight distribution centers and terminals
  • Heavily loaded equipment yards at port, rail, intermodal, and industrial facilities
  • Haul roads
  • Soft soil stabilization
  • Base reinforcement
  • Embankments over soft soils
  • Working platforms