MULTIMAT_RThe three-dimensional "gripping" TENAX MULTIMAT R geomats are purposely designed for the protection and planting of slopes subjected to surface erosion whenever a suitable vegetative substrate soil already exists.

 They have a thickness of about 20 mm and are manufactured by assembling and stitching together several layers of polypropylene (PP), extruded bi-oriented geogrids.

 The process of molecular stretching, both in the longitudinal and transversal directions, considerably enhances the mechanical properties of the base polymer, thus providing a high tensile strength (minimum of 8 kN/m).

Geomats of this kind are composed of two layers of geogrid placed above and below a single central layer, mechanically folded so to give thickness and three-dimensionality to the geomat.

 The two flat geogrid layers confer a high tensile strength and allow for minimal elongation of the geomats. The dense folding of the central core limits the deformation of the geomat when filling with topsoil conferring it with optimal bearing strength.

The layers are held in place by mechanically stitching them together with a highly resistant polypropylene yarn during the manufacturing process.

Tenax MULTIMAT R (Reinforced)                                                                                                                          

Incorporated within the TENAX MULTIMAT R (reinforced) geomats is a high tenacity polyester (PET) geogrid which further increases the tensile strength of the finished product (up to 200 kN/m): thus allowing for its safe use even on very long, sharply inclined membrane lined slopes.

Typical Applications for Geomats:

Erosion control works

Construction of reservoirs, dams, and canals

Solid waste disposal

Liquid waste containment projects


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