TENWEB Geocells

TENWEBTENAX TENWEB Geocells are honeycomb shaped structures with a cell height ranging from 75 to 100 mm, made by the continuous extrusion of polyethylene (PE) and without any welding.

The structure opens like an accordion and therefore can be transported and stored with minimal space and successively opened during installation, thus creating a series of completely interconnected, regular ovoid cells (diameter ranging from 100 to 300 mm).

Once expanded to its maximum extension and filled in with soil (or pea gravel, concrete, etc.) the structure becomes inextensible and monolithic, providing an effective means of confinement for unconsolidated materials lying within single cells and preventing their movement even on steep slopes, or also from substantial dragging forces such as those exerted by hydraulic currents.

The cellular structure is therefore particularly useful on arid, rocky or impermeable soils where vegetation is almost or totally lacking.

The structure’s junctions have a central opening through which water can pass so that effectively, all the cells are hydraulically interconnected: the geocells/soil composite structure attains good permeability, facilitates the absorption of water during precipitation, and diminishes surface runoff and consequentially, erosion of meteorological origin.

Utilizing TENAX TENWEB geocells, it’s possible to confine on steep slopes a topsoil layer (up to 150 mm) allowing planting of the escarpment with high degree of confidence and success.

Typical Applications for Geocells

 Construction of roads and other trafficked areas

 Erosion control works

 Construction of reservoirs, dams, and canals


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