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Tenax is committed to building a lasting company that provides products and services of the highest quality.

We offer our employees a safe and rewarding work environment and strive to be a good corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate. Tenax is focused on strategic growth through the responsible use and management of our resources.


Terrapin Conservation Project

Picture - Installing Tenax hardware net terrapin barrier

We felt that Tenax net fencing offered the prospect of year-round durability, reasonable cost, and improved appearance.  Like silt fencing, its installation requires generation of a trench, roughly 6” deep and 6” wide using a ditch-witch (motorized trenching machine).  The fencing is installed in the trench as shown in Figure 2.  One thousand feet of black Tenax fencing was installed (Picture 3) along SHB and its effectiveness as a terrapin barrier was verified during the 2006 nesting season.  By leaving it in place through the following winter, its year-round durability was assessed as promising.  Several thousand feet of Tenax fencing, both the black and a so-called silver variety, was subsequently installed along local causeways.

Through the 2007 and 2008 nesting seasons, its performance as a terrapin barrier was satisfactory.  No worrying physical degradation of either the black or silver types occurred over these relatively mild winters.

The winter of 2009 was extremely harsh by comparison, with temperatures below 15F for extended periods, along with several heavy snowfalls.  The silver fencing began to exhibit a tearing-type of failure in many sections, as shown in Picture 4.  The failure of the silver fencing was due to embrittlement and loss of pull strength, probably caused by UV induced degradation and manufacturing anomalies coupled with physical contraction at low temperatures.

Picture - Damaged Tenax hardware net after winter storm

Picture - Black Tenax hardware net in good condition

In contrast, the black Tenax fencing showed little degradation.  Even after four years in the field, the original black Tenax fence material shown in Picture 5 is still flexible and sufficiently strong to withstand physical contraction at low temperatures.

Both types of Tenax fence are susceptible to damage from snow thrown against them during snow plowing operations and to damage from weed whackers, used to keep vegetation along the fence in check and to preserve a neat appearance.  Repairing damaged Tenax fence is very time consuming.

In spite of its drawbacks, black Tenax fencing can be durable enough and cost effective in some situations.  But we continued to search for a better alternative.

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